How does La Marca make your life sparkle?

Tell us, and you could be the winner of a La Marca-inspired jewelry collection from Louise Loirette Jewelry valued at over $1000.

Does La Marca Prosecco have a way of making your life a little brighter? Show us any creative way that La Marca makes your life sparkle by submitting a picture or short paragraph via our Facebook app and you could win one of five 7-piece collections of La Marca-inspired jewelry.

Caroline Willett

Created by designer Caroline Willett, Louise Loirette Jewelry offers an evolving line of upscale, contemporary, handcrafted jewelry. Our line is often recognized by its rich, vibrant colors in modern yet sophisticated designs. Each piece of Louise Loirette Jewelry is handcrafted and designed with the utmost care for long lasting wear.

Louise T.

Kihei, Hawaii

La Marca makes even the most ordinary daily meal an occasion!

Maria G.

Denver, Colorado

La Marca makes my life sparkle by making me sparkle ;) While holding a stem of sparkling La Marca, I feel lively, entertaining, and wealthy!

Carolyn J.

Penfield, New York

Sparkle is the dance that light makes when it reaches earth. Celebrating sparkle is what makes life worth living. La Marca Prosecco is sparkle my soul.